The Story in German: How Spreadtruth is taking the gospel everywhere

Spreadtruth Ministries has a vision to take the gospel everywhere. They see this being played out through using smartphone technology to share the gospel in new and creative ways. BMI is excited to see how Spreadtruth is creating opportunities for people to hear the gospel in
Germany through the translation of their video into German and Arabic. See the Story in German below.

By strategically partnering with Renew Ministries, Spreadtruth is using new technology to bring the gospel to the unreached. This has tremendous implications for Germany with the changing demographics brought about by the influx of refugees into the country. 

Berlin Ministries International has plans to use this technology to reach the nations in Berlin by utilizing a platform that proclaims the gospel in an effective culturally relevant way. Watch below how Spreadtruth is using the Story in partnership with Renew Ministries to bring the gospel to India.